Mold Inspections

Are you worried that you are affected by mold in your home? And you don't know where the mold is coming from? Then it is time for a mold inspection. GetTheWetOut! can help you with this. Mold in the house can be dangerous. So do not wait any longer.

The dangers of mold

Mold Inspections

Don't underestimate the danger of mold. Mold in the home can cause quite a few health problems. For example, mold can cause sore throats, allergies, cold symptoms, stress and nausea.

And even vomiting, irritated mucous membranes, respiratory problems, labored breathing, skin rashes and headaches.

During a mold inspection in your home, one of our specialists will visit you with advanced and special equipment. For example, an airsampler. This takes samples from the air. In some cases it is also necessary to install measuring equipment so that the results are logged and stored over a period of time. Values are then carefully tracked.

A sampler measures humidity, temperature and Co2. Samples are also taken from the fungi. These are then taken to the laboratory for thorough examination. We have equipment to sample the air and test these fungi and yeasts against the acceptable value.

Home mold inspection results

After we have performed a mold inspection in your home, we can tell you exactly whether you are dealing with mold and, if so, which mold(s) exactly. We will also tell the in what capacity the mold is present and what health risks it poses. The investigation report will indicate the cause of your mold problem and how to remedy it as effectively as possible.

Get The Wet Out! helps with a mold inspection in the home

A mould inspection in the house means you know exactly what is going on. You know where the complaints are coming from and which fungi you are dealing with. After our investigation, we will of course give you advice on how to keep the mold out of your home permanently. For more information you can contact us. You can also request a free, no-obligation quote and we will come out to inspect your home for mold as soon as possible.

Get The Wet Out! has been committed to fighting mold and moisture in the home for years and has the perfect solution to treat mold, including in your home. Mildew control in the home. We can answer the question whether moisture problems and the possible presence of mold are a health risk. Note that if the moisture problem is not remedied, mold will return on its own.

Clean mold spots on smooth surfaces (such as painted walls, ceilings, and tarps) with baking soda dissolved in hot water. Use a hard, wet brush and wear gloves and a mouth mask.

In addition, make sure that the cause of mold is remedied, otherwise mold will definitely reappear quickly. In practice, a large part of the causes and consequences will become clear after an inspection. As much information as possible is gathered such as: what is the construction? Black spots on the wallpaper? Call Get The Wet Out! Today.