Water Damage Carpet Cleaning and Restoration

We can restore wet carpets and flooring to original conditions.

What do I do with my wet carpet or rug?

Water Damage Carpet Cleaning and Restoration

Water damage, leaks and floods are becoming more and more common in our country. All very annoying but fortunately in most cases easy to repair. That is why we offer water damage restoration of rugs and carpets. We can help you quickly. The sooner wet carpets or rugs are treated the greater the chance of full recovery.

Rugs and carpets restoration after water damage

In case of water damage, we will pick up your carpet as soon as possible. Even if it is still wet. The quicker we clean your carpet, the better the chance of a full recovery. Without leaving any mold or unpleasant odors in your carpet afterwards. We promise that the carpet will be cleaned in a safe way without risk of discoloration, shrinkage or damage. Regardless of whether your carpet is made of wool, synthetic or other materials.

Water damage to solid floor coverings

In the case of solid wet flooring, we will visit you as soon as possible to treat the wet carpet. First we will suck out as much water as possible with special machines. Then we will immediately disinfect and clean your carpet. The carpet can then start drying. If necessary we can speed up the drying by placing extra cold air dryers.

Whether it is a lot or a small amount of water, we can always be on site quickly. For most situations we have the right materials available to help you quickly. It is possible to use soecial equipment for large amounts of water. Placing a dehumidifier or construction dryer is also one of the possibilities.

How to remove musty odors after water damage in your home

If you have recently had water damage to your carpets, be careful - a lingering musty smell can do more than just stink. A lingering odor from water damage may indicate the continued growth of mold or mildew, which thrives in humid conditions. Protect your carpets and your health by learning how to safely get rid of musty odors in your home, using these tips from Get The Wet Out!.

Remove mold odors in carpet

Removing a mold odor in your carpet may seem like a challenge, but it is actually quite easy to do. The first step is to make sure that the source of the water damage odor is fully addressed first, so that the mold or mildew causing the problem cannot spread further. Consider bringing in mold remediation experts (/mold-removal.php) to inspect and address any remaining leaks or mold problems, as it can be dangerous to do so yourself.

After addressing the original water damage and mold problems to prevent regrowth after cleaning, follow these steps to get rid of or prevent a mold odor in your carpet:

  • Dry the affected room completely. If the room has windows, keep them open for several hours to spread fresh air and speed up drying. Dehumidifiers help remove moisture from both the air and the fibers of the carpet. Floor fans also improve air circulation, and directing the airflow directly at the carpet speeds up drying time.
  • Treat the carpet with a cleaning solution. Mix one cup of vinegar and 2 cups of warm water in a spray bottle. Gently spray the solution on the areas of the carpet that smell. Be sure not to oversaturate the area, as this can lead to more mold growth.
  • Pour baking soda over the treated areas. Baking soda absorbs odors quickly and is safe to use around children and pets. Give the baking soda ample time to absorb any residual moisture or odors, preferably overnight, and vacuum it - and the odor - up immediately.

If you still smell a mildew odor after cleaning the carpets in your home, try refreshing the air as well. These three common household items help absorb unpleasant odors in the home:

  • Vinegar: place bowls of white vinegar in the room to quickly remove the smell from the room. Within a few days, your home will smell like new again.
  • Cat litter: place small, open containers of clean cat litter throughout the room. Change the cat litter regularly, and over time it should absorb most odors. Tip: don't try this method at home if you already live with cats - they will think they have extra places to go to the bathroom!
  • Baking soda: Like cat litter, baking soda can quickly and easily absorb foul water damage odors when placed in open containers around the room and changed regularly.

Once you've addressed the source of your water damage, prevented the spread of mold and mildew, and thoroughly cleaned your carpets, your home should smell fresh and free of foul odors. If the odor returns or you think you need professional help to address the damage, contact the experts at Get The Wet Out!. We have advanced deodorization tools and techniques to remove odors from your home so you can breathe easy again, plus comprehensive mold inspection (/services/mold-inspection.php) services that can help keep you and your family safe.

Our most crucial advice for water damaged carpets

Don't wait and take immediate action. Most damage to carpets and rugs occurs because people wait too long to do the proper restoration. Water causes little damage. It is the improper and too slow drying that causes odor, discoloration and mold.