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Mold spores are basically always present everywhere. As long as the moisture content and temperature are normal, little to nothing happens. The mold spores are then in a sort of resting state. However, when the balance is disturbed, for example by fire or water damage, the fungi start to develop rapidly.

Mold Removal Experts Duval County Florida

In addition to the development of mold after fire and water damage, mold is common in rooms with too little ventilation and rooms that are often damp. Mold can also develop in other parts of a home or business premises due to insufficient air circulation in the room. You can recognize the mold by black spots on the walls, joints or sealant edges. A musty smell often develops as well.

Without proper treatment, mold and odor can lead to great discomfort for those present in a home or commercial building. Mold is also a health hazard. Therefore, when removing mold and odor, we focus on preventing health problems. We remove mold efficiently and completely in 5 steps.

Different types of mold

Different types of mold can occur. Not every mold is as persistent, but some molds are very harmful and need to be removed immediately.

Black mold

The black mold is also known as stachybotrys chartarum. It forms in a colony and is black to dark green in color. You often recognize black mold immediately. You will often find them on the ceiling or on the wall. Sometimes also in corners and seams. Black mold can be harmful to your health. Fungi of this type release certain mycotoxins into the air. When inhaled, these toxins can affect your body and health.

Red mold

Red mold should be removed immediately. It may be the fungus serratia marcescens. This mold is particularly bad for your health. Never leave this fungus for long. The red mold can cause various physical symptoms, such as skin problems, eye inflammation and laryngitis.

Mold Removal

There are several ways to remove mold yourself, for example by using baking soda, bleach or special mold removers that can be bought in the supermarket. However, there are many different types of mold and not all home remedies are always equally effective. Our specialists have years of experience in mold removal and will be happy to help you remove the mold.

Mold Remediation Techniques

Get The Wet Out! applies a number of techniques to remove odors and mold:

  • Ozone (O³): Ozone generators produce ozone by conducting oxygen through an electric field. Ozone is a very powerful oxidant that oxidizes organic and inorganic materials in the air. These include bacteria, viruses, microbes and fungal spores. After the oxidation process, the ozone is converted back into oxygen. This is one of the most effective methods for removing odors and mold from any space.
  • Thermal Fog: After a fire, this method is used to remove odors. The fog consists of small molecules that penetrate all the places where smoke can enter. This is how odor traces are removed.
  • VapourShark: This technique uses membranes and cartridges to remove odor molecules created under various conditions such as fire, soot and water damage.
  • Essential Oils: Extensive research has shown that a large number of essential oils can neutralize odor. Get The Wet Out! has formulated a blend consisting of over 30 different effective oils. Compared to individual conventional oils, this blend can neutralize a wider spectrum of odors.

Mold removal has never been easier. Do you want to have mold removed? Contact us today!