Fire Damage Restoration

We provide an immediate damage stop and quick recovery

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage is far-reaching and can have major consequences. Damage to your home and (valuable) possessions. Or damage to your business premises, which means you have to temporarily close your business and run the risk of losing sales and customers.

In the event of fire damage, we take immediate measures to minimize the consequences and costs for you. After that, we will clean and (structurally) repair your house so that you can live in it again as soon as possible. Or that your company can run at full speed again.

We immediately mitigate the fire damage as much as possible and start repairs asap!

The damage from combustion and heat usually constitutes only a small part of the damage. The indirect fire damage is often much greater. The soot damage or water damage and the impact of fire gases, which can cause enormous damage to your home or building, contents, machinery and equipment is sometimes more extensive.

So we immediately secure valuables, computers and important documents. We board up windows, doors or roofs to prevent water damage in case of rain. We switch off the air conditioning system to limit soot damage and we provide a corrosion stop. We get you back to full operation as soon as possible
, and then we start the recovery process.

  • We install odor eliminators or fans.
  • We install dehumidification equipment
  • We clean everything: chairs, desks, computers, machines, vents, walls, floors
  • We rebuild everything: plaster the walls, repair the floors, install new doors and windows

One point of contact, also for asbestos

In some cases, fire damage may involve the release of asbestos. In that case, you do not need to hire an additional party. We have been certified for asbestos removal for over 20 years and always work according to the latest laws and regulations safest way to remove the asbestos, no matter how complex the situation.

For companies: emergency plan in case of fire damage

If you have a business, we would like to help you think about your emergency plan. Because if you have to deal with fire damage, you have enough to worry about. Then you are not prepared for all the extra work that is involved in the restoration. Finding a cleaning company for the cleaning, a contractor and electrician for the restoration, the settlement with your insurance company. The longer you wait with cleaning and restoration, the greater the damage caused by the impact of fire gases.

We are happy to make agreements with you in advance for your emergency plan, about what to do in case of fire damage. So that it is clear who you want to call in for what. In the event of fire damage, we will make sure that everything is arranged from A to Z. The coordination with the damage expert of your insurer and all necessary cleaning and repair work. If you wish, we will call in your regular suppliers, the parties you like to work with. If you arrange this in advance, there is no need to think about it when you are confronted with a fire.

Fire victims deserve care

Caring is one of the core values of Get The Wet Out! We care for victims on a daily basis.

Victims who are affected by a drastic event such as fire deserve the care of the insurer, intermediary, loss adjuster and Get The Wet Out! Besides material damage, fire sometimes results in personal injury and even deaths. In the US, around 3707 people died in a fire in 2019, according to the US Fire Statistics website. Inhalation of the smoke is an even bigger culprit than the fire itself.

With that in mind, after we have done the reconditioning and restoration to the property and/or contents, Get The Wet Out! wants to protect those affected. We want to help them feel safe in their homes again. We do this by installing CE marked smoke detectors on each floor of the home, if required.

Get The Wet Out! is going to offer this service free of charge in the hope of, in the first place, fewer fatalities. We also hope to reduce the number of injuries among those affected and to limit damage through early detection. Please contact us for more information.