Water Damage Restoration Duval County, FL

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Why Choose Get The Wet Out?

We know from experience that damage to your home or business premises and possessions can have a huge impact. Are you dealing with water damage? Then you want it resolved quickly, without too much additional inconvenience. Get The Wet Out can help you with this; we take the worry out of it, limit the consequential damage and closely monitor the recovery process. Water damage restoration is our specialty!

Floor Damage Restoration

Flooding and damage have many causes, such as a small leaks, a major flood, or heavy rainfall. The most important thing is always a quick response to prevent more damage and loss due to water influence.

When we arrive at a damage site, we first thoroughly inspect the damage and determine what work is necessary to mitigate the damage.

Water damage restoration and drying is our specialty. Get The Wet Out! is known as the drying specialist in Duval County, FL. because of our experience in repairing the effects of water damage.

First of all, tests are conducted to determine how long possessions have been exposed to the water, how much moisture has been absorbed and how deep the water has penetrated. Our specialist will consult with you on how we will dry your home and possessions.

Factors such as the material of the wet belongings, ventilation and humidity will determine what approach is needed. For example, in some cases we will use heat mats to dry your belongings in addition to standard dryers and fans. Do you have water damage? Contact us for immediate help!

Our work after water damage

  • pumping out water
  • removing furniture and other items
  • Limiting the damage
  • Preventing further consequential damage
  • Is the initial work done? Then our specialists, possibly together with a damage expert, will assess whether successful cleaning and restoration of your possessions is possible. We can then start drying your home or business premises and your possessions.

What can you do to prevent even worse damage?

To minimize the impact of water damage, you can take a number of precautions and take quick action immediately after the damage occurs. This will help you avoid worse, as damage is annoying enough.

Get The Wet Out! is the specialist in damage restoration and water damage drying after leakage, flooding or heavy rainfall. Speed is of the essence in order to limit the damage caused by water penetration. If we start drying your possessions within 24 to 48 hours, a large part will be saved. You can also take a number of measures to limit the damage.

Measures in the event of impending disaster

Is there a chance of flooding in your property? If so, if you have the opportunity, take the following measures to limit damage:

  • Switch off the main power supply in the home to avoid danger to the occupants
  • Ensure that emergency lighting is available (flashlight, candles).
  • Store documents and personal valuables safely.
  • Bring pets to safety.
  • Move electronics and other valuables to a higher floor, or place them high, such as on a table or cabinet.
  • Place valuable furniture on blocks to protect it from moisture.
  • Remove rugs and place them on a higher floor.

Measures after water damage occurs

Has water entered your premises? Then try to take as many measures as possible, so that you can guarantee your safety, limit the damage and you can be helped as quickly and as efficiently as possible by your insurer and damage repairers:

  • Do not walk through the water if the electricity has not yet been turned off or if the water may be contaminated.
  • Open windows and doors so that the house is ventilated as much as possible.
  • Remove wet carpets or textiles from the house; this will shorten the drying time of the property and contents.
  • Place aluminum foil, wooden blocks or trays between furniture and floor coverings (especially if wet carpets cannot be moved). This will reduce the amount of water absorbed by the furniture and help you minimize damage.
  • Remove excess water from damaged photos, books or documents and place them in a cool place (if possible in the refrigerator or freezer). Under no circumstances attempt to dry them. Get The Wet Out! can restore documents in a cold or frozen state using a special process.
  • If the freezer has suffered water damage or has been turned off, it should be cleaned as soon as possible. Damaged or thawed food items should go in the trash.
  • Contact your insurance company and report the damage. Most insurance companies have a hotline to report incidents.
  • Be sure to have your policy number, personal information, a brief description of the damage to the building and fixtures, and photos on hand.
  • Contact a professional repair company yourself, if your insurance company does not offer one.


One of our core services is drying. Get The Wet Out! is known as the drying specialist in Florida because of our experience in recovering from the effects of water damage, such as a leak, flooding or extremely hard rain. Our drying solutions and the continuous monitoring of the drying process by the Get The Wet Out! specialists lead to faster completion of projects. This avoids additional inconvenience for customers and unnecessary repair work and costs.

Black mold formation after fire and water damage

When there is water damage or high moisture content, materials often become soggy or the moist air causes a loss of quality in moisture-attracting materials. This can cause mold growth, rusting and deterioration of the structure/construction.

This is why the progress of the drying process is regularly monitored and recorded to ensure that your belongings are actually restored to their original condition. One of our drying specialists will take regular measurements at your premises. In some cases, it is also possible to take measurements remotely.

Get The Wet Out! dryers are the most efficient in the market. They comply with current laws and regulations and are maintained by experienced and knowledgeable technicians. In terms of temporary climate solutions, Get The Wet Out! also offers temporary cooling and temporary heating.

Mold spores

Water damage can often develop mold in your home. A number of criteria are needed before mold will develop:

  • A breeding ground of organic material, e.g. food or wood.
  • Temperature: The higher the temperature the faster mold develops.
  • Moisture: The higher the Relative Humidity the faster mold will develop. Therefore, after fire and water damage, mold very often develops in the home, as well as the accompanying unpleasant odor. Mold also develops faster in poorly ventilated homes and spaces.

You can recognize mold in the house by black spots on the walls, joints or sealant edges. There may also be a musty odor. Without the proper treatment, odor and mold in the home can lead to great discomfort for residents and can be a health hazard.

Fire Damage

Do you have fire damage? Settle it online immediately!
Has your home been damaged by a fire? Then have the fire damage cleaned as soon as possible by our expert staff. We will be at your door within 24 hours. First we clean all the rooms and tidy everything up. Then the real damage repair starts, we will restore your house to the way it was.